Friday, July 19

On the geek-

So Alpha and I tend to see kid movies in theatres. Kid movies are awesome; they don't have cursing, extreme violence, nudity. The best thing is we can generally agree to see a kids movie together while our taste in other movies doesn't mesh well enough to spend a bucketful of cash for two tickets and occasionally popcorn.

Not even all geeky-esque movies will have us tromp out to theatres. For instance, while we did go see 'Iron man 3' and 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' (ohmygoodnesssoamazingweevensawittwiceandpaidforourfriendstoseeitwithusbecauseitisjustthatamazing) we just weren't that enthused to see 'Man of Steel' or 'Pacific Rim.' And looking over the movies coming out soon the only movie I can say with any certainty that we'll pay full price to see in theatres is 'Ender's Game' which is followed by 'Thor: The Dark World.'


We saw Monsters University and Despicable Me 2. Despicable Me 2 is a fun romp and quite funny; it's a definite home-run to take kids to. Monsters University was surprising. I was expecting a lot more hilarity and instead I got a dose of unconventional realism that made me want to share this movie.

If you don't want anything to be spoiled, I'd suggest you stop reading. Not that I'm going to bust out major plot points, but pointing out the overarching moral question bugs some people too.

Monster University addresses the "Hard Work vs. Talent" question. The message the movie presents is "Just because you work hard doesn't mean you'll be accepted or succeed. On the other hand, just because you're talented doesn't mean you'll get anywhere either." Those concepts are difficult to accept, but in order to move on to the things that make us shine, we need to choke down the hard truths.

Wednesday, July 17

Dreams and things...

You know, my goal is to one day own a small sheep farm in Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. Small farm, not small sheep. I'd sell or spin the fiber my animals would produce and just generally be a happy, well-adjusted person.

You know, thinking about it I think the biggest goal there is to be a happy, well-adjusted person, but I digress.

I've been thinking about starting a business to help me reach that goal for a while. Thinking and actually applying myself are two different things and I am told part of that difference is writing out a list of goals to achieve what you want to do. So...

As you can see, I'm beginning. One of the first items on this (besides 'starting this year 2013') is to take pictures.

We'll see how I do. Ya'll know my relationship with a camera is spotty at best.

Monday, July 15

Hello, Romania!

Along the lines of Wait... WHAT?, I do believe my heart restlessly palpitates contemplating the fact that I made a new friend.

It may be awkward, or even uncouth, but Romania. I love you.
I don't pretend to understand our new relationship, but I am ready to fall in love with you if you will have my blackened, uncouth, lazy heart.

I promise, someday we will be together. For now, keep visiting me through the faint glow of your screen and I will try to remember more of your history than the small gothic tidbits I have gleaned from fiction, hollywood and pure geekery.

Friday, July 12

Wow... summer gets busy!

Everyone is in and out over the summer! Mei-Mei went to germany for 2 weeks; momar and dad went to MormonMecca (read: Utah) for a cousin's wedding. Dad stayed out there for about a month. With all the trips of the family, it's pretty amazing that no one has gone crazy yet. The house has suffered abominably. Really. I am quite embarrassed and delighted that I have never, ever decided to post pictures of what it looks like here. In the interest of full disclosure... I haven't clean the basement in *coughcough* way too freaking long.

I went on a camping trip with Alpha. It was to commemorate our 5th year anniversary. We decided to further test our devotion to one another by eking out 5 days in beautiful not-quite wilderness. No one was hurt or maimed on the trip and I am very happy to congratulate myself on 5 years marriage. It's a wonderful accomplishment for someone who was never certain that maintaining a healthy relationship was even possible.

I went with every intention of working on knitting or spinning or even, you know, being productive, but sadly the allure of sleeping to all hours and cooking over a fire was too much to handle.

We did stop at The Needle Lady where I bought more yarn that I have no time to work with. Such is the way of things though.