Tuesday, January 17

Lost Days

Those three hexagons were done the next day. I had been on a good diurnal schedule, then suddenly I could see the end of the project tunnel regarding the blanket. I started it sometime last year and worked on it a little here and there. I decided to make it a Christmas gift and when that date flew by, just decided I wanted it done sometime in the new year.  I could see that my diurnal schedule was going to be shot.

I sewed the edges and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I started to crochet a mint border as a contrast. Since this blanket was a gift for Alpha, it had to be equally masculine. No fringe.

I went to bed sometime around 6 in the morning... and it wasn’t done yet. I had also taken it into my perfectionist head to weave in all the ends I have previously ignored. That’s 32 times... 4-6. It was a long process.

After 2 days.. or nights really since I went nocturnal, the reconstruction was finally done. And I tried starting another project right afterwards.

I’ve learned I need a little downtime between each project. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to gather my weary mind together. This time it was one day and then I decided to ignore my little list of crafting tasks and start a simple knit baby blanket.
I refer to my long nights and comatose days as my lost days. I lose track of a lot of things during the night. I had been writing in my journal and establishing a relationship with the sun, but that went out the window. These days aren’t necessarily bad though. I enjoy them frequently.

Tuesday, January 10

Update: Head down in the Reconstruction!

Time for an update while I continue work on the reconstruction. I may or may not post instructions for the rest of the world to see, since I am definitely certain that while it is very similar to the design, it is not the same.

Currently? Almost all done with the dark green. I have three more hexagons to finish and then I have the joy of binding them all together. yay. As in, I’ve been thinking about it for months since I started and am not enthused. Not at all.
 This is a picture of me and Alpha dressed in our Whovian best for Christmas. I have worn my nerdiness on my sleeve before.  Alpha didn’t want to wear the scarf initially, then when he saw how the massive scarf hid the prominence of his belly, he was fine with it. I have to say, given the fact that these are our normal clothes, we are pretty smashing.

P.S.- Purists don’t hate me. I created a super-long scarf from a stash of free yarn. And my 15+ foot scarf has pockets.