Tuesday, October 15

Halloween is coming~

I have the biggest apology to make to anyone who has ever dressed up their pet. I looked at them and went "Cute, but that's totally weird. Let the animal have some dignity for heaven's sake. I'd never do something like that."

But you know what? As I was shopping for groceries today I lost my sanity, and what was left of my dignity and I'll have to eat those prideful words.

You see, they had a pumpkin costume. For a pet. In Silver's size.

  I was unable to resist.

Look at him!

Go ahead. Judge me now. I don't even care because he is ADORABLE.  Halloween is coming guys, and I've got the cutest pumpkin ever.

Sunday, October 13

Flying K Farms!!!! I love you!

I was going to describe how I was dressed, what I was doing and what Silver was doing the moment I found out I won the drawing from Flying K Farms. But I decided that that wouldn't be interesting to y'all. Although if you really WERE interested in what Silver was doing I can oblige you. (Hint:  Statement: He was cleaning his ears... the cutest thing he does!)

Anyway, I logged onto the facebook and noticed that a friend (the same friend who encouraged me to like Flying K Farm) commented my name. Turns out she was commenting on the status saying I won. Pretty certain that with this, I've used up all my "winning things" karma, but I'm okay with that because I'm getting an Alpaca batt. I'll update when it comes in the mail.

Thursday, October 10

Making a pinterest camera light box... the sarcasm way.

I aspire to take good pictures. So while I read through pages of technical jargon describing how my camera works (psh! 'Aperture' 'ISO number' 'focus', Made up terms all of them!) I decided to make something that I saw on pinterest.

I didn't actually pin it, and I'm not about to go digging through hundreds of pins just to find it again. The credit for the idea goes to some talented, creative, frugal person who takes good pictures and sets them up on THEIR blog. Argh! Crafty amazing people who are peppy, light-hearted, perfect and amazing. Anyway, the idea is simple enough, take a box, tissue paper, poster board and tape and make a light box.

I spent a total of $2.10 on tissue paper and poster paper. I didn't want to look for white tissue paper in the house and I got fancy and sprung for white AND black poster board, still pretty cheap. I had scissors, tape and a box. If you wanted to get those at the dollar store too, the total would only end up being $5.25. (Geez, it's getting at that weird time of day where my eyes can't focus right and the word 'dollar' looks really strange. I checked it on google; it is suppose to be spelled that way but wow.... weird looking word.)

Here my version of the cheapo light box!
Important Note: Ignore all statements regarding good lighting and do project in the middle of the night. 

  1. Find box (The tutorial had said something about a square box, but eh...)
  2. Rip off the flaps on top. Or assiduously cut them off. Your call.
  3. Cut windows into 3 sides. (You can be an overachiever with a non-square box and cut ALL the sides.)
  4. Mentally/ Actually curse when you cut through side supports. NOTE: This step can be omitted depending on your box-cutting skills.
  5. Tape up cut sides and pretend you don't care. NOTE: This step can be omitted if you skipped step 4.
  6. Measure and cut/rip tissue paper to fill in windows.
  7. Remember that you are an aspiring photographer and grab your camera before continuing to step 8.
  8. Measure and cut/rip tissue paper to fit remaining sides. Remember to look thrilled when significant other/dog/cat/etc takes picture of you doing project.
    See? Looking thrilled.
  9. Tape in sides. And because you don't have 4 hands and significant other/dog/cat/ etc left, you can't take a picture of that.
  10. Cut poster board to size. You don't want to mold it to the shape of the box. It has to fit on the top corner and curve toward the base all fancy like. Forget to take picture.
  11. Cram in poster board. Also forget to take picture.
  12. Wonder why you are even trying to take pictures.
  13. Admire finished project.
  14. Take picture of something in finished object. Quick! Find random thing on the table.
Success! You now FEEL one step closer to being a good photographer. It doesn't make you one; by no means, but it's important to feel like you've accomplished SOMETHING. 

There are HOW many days to Halloween?

Guys... I counted. There are only 20 more days until Halloween... Behold the face of my dawning horror.
I need to make lists of lists at this point. And Pray to tender mercies that shipping is on my side.

Working on Socks...

Ugh. So I'm still working on that shawl. I'm not sure I want to post pictures of it because it just depresses me that it's not done yet. With knitting there is usually a sense of relieved accomplishment as you do another row and get ever closer to the end. I'm not even halfway through the edging on the shawl and because of this I'm ignoring it which means it doesn't get done. Cruel cycle! Where is the army of knitting gnomes who work on my projects in my sleep? (And where are their cousins, the cleaning gnomes?)

Now socks? Socks are beautiful. Still a bit of a pain, but they progress so quickly.

See the progress? It's like it's knitting itself and I'm more than halfway done! (Shh... these were suppose to be done before Mei-Mei's birthday, but being winter socks they don't need to be done before winter comes... right?) I really enjoy the braid. Eventually I'll make the same socks for myself in purple.
To the right, you see that crazy ball of fun? I don't even know why the chartreuse and turquoise blue make me so happy. I got the Zauberball at my favorite yarn store, The Needle Lady. Alpha and I went camping for our anniversary (5 years represented by 5 days... and we didn't kill each other!) We stopped in Charlottesville on our way home. It was good. I call these my Appalachian socks partly because they reminded me of the view and partly to commemorate wonderful trip. Hopefully these will be done before the next anniversary. I have over half a year left... it shouldn't be hard.

P.S. I know I need to work on the shawl. I love the fiber. I love the design. I love it all except how long it takes to do the edging. I don't have enough down time at my job/church to work on it consistently. YAY! I love kids. Love them, love them, lovethem, luvdem.  

Why can't I have four hands? Then I could use two to exclusive work on knitting. Missed opportunity by evolution and/or God in my opinion.

Monday, October 7

Bunny Lovin'- to the pet I never knew I needed

 So everyone, this is Silver. He is full of sassy spunk and doesn't take anything from anyone. (Not even cuddles.) He's an independent bunny who don't need no man.

 Here he is being mysterious and handsome, looking off into the distance. You can also see his bada** tattoo in his ear. Why yes, he did a couple of shows. That changes a rabbit.
 In all seriousness. (Which is almost impossible looking at that cute mug. This is his 'you may touch my ears and head' expression.) Silver is an adopted rabbit. Momar, Mei-Mei and myself went to the Maryland Alpaca festival (coming up soon in November!) and in a case of extremely poor planning on our part, walked into the rabbit show that was taking place in one of the barns. Talking to a couple of the breeders we found this amazing lady who was trying to find homes for some of her bunnies because she was getting married. It was impossible to say no (Silver is a rex, which means he is SUPER soft.) and we came home with a new family member. He has been ruling the house ever since.

Saturday, October 5

Hai, hai guis....

Guess what?

I got a camera. While I can't take a picture of the camera because I am not a high-tech whiz person like most of the internet, I can say that pictures of things will be forthcoming. THINGS! PICTURES OF THEM! This is giant, big and wonderful.

My first 'photo shoot' (and I feel like a weird hipster for saying that) was of my rabbit. It pleases me muchly. Given the poses he was making, it pleases him muchly too to be admired and loved without the touching. Spoilsport.

In other news, halloween is coming and costumes are happening. Working on them now and I will report my progress in a post dedicated to that purpose.