Wednesday, July 17

Dreams and things...

You know, my goal is to one day own a small sheep farm in Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. Small farm, not small sheep. I'd sell or spin the fiber my animals would produce and just generally be a happy, well-adjusted person.

You know, thinking about it I think the biggest goal there is to be a happy, well-adjusted person, but I digress.

I've been thinking about starting a business to help me reach that goal for a while. Thinking and actually applying myself are two different things and I am told part of that difference is writing out a list of goals to achieve what you want to do. So...

As you can see, I'm beginning. One of the first items on this (besides 'starting this year 2013') is to take pictures.

We'll see how I do. Ya'll know my relationship with a camera is spotty at best.