Tuesday, October 25

A Brag post?

Do you know what?

I’d hate to be like other blogs that brag all the time about their wonderful husbands.. but really, I can’t help it. Alpha is just too awesome for words. He stayed up all night and then in the morning proceeded to make baklava bites for my book group tonight. (Yeah, I hang out with awesome older women and talk about books. That’s just how I roll.) He was worried that they were too salty and put strawberries on top. I would have taken a picture, but they were too delicious and I inhaled them with the help of Momar, Guru, and another lady. The picture below might give you a hint of what we indulged in, but it doesn't do it justice. Firstly, you can't recreate taste and secondly, there were strawberries on ours.

Image courtesy of The Food Network

We read The Curse of Chalion for this month. I love that book. I reach a point when I just can’t put it down and then I end up screwing up my fragile sleep schedule again.

I wish this post related somehow to spinning or knitting... but it doesn’t. It’s just a brag post about the awesome treats that Alpha makes for me all the time.