Saturday, December 31

How arbitary, to measure our lives by a calendar that means nothing...

If my readership of one is DYING to know, I've been busy these last couple of weeks. Yes, I was hit with the sudden and inevitable "Knit/ Crochet All the Things" before Christmas, but thankfully I was able to read the Yarn Harlot and realize that it's okay to feel this way and if I don't want to have a mental breakdown, I shouldn't push myself too much. I still have two Christmas gifts to complete. Since one of them is for Alpha and I will steal it, I don't feel too badly.

Alpha was really sweet this year. Since we are the unemployed, he spent very little, but he intends on making me a swift. He was so cute about it really. A couple weeks before Christmas he told me that he had an idea for a gift, but since he was completely illiterate in the ways of yarn and notions, he didn't know if it would be useful, so he had to tell me. I agreed that a swift and ball-winder would be nice and then he set about looking online for homemade techniques. It's almost done. I think he is holding the finishing off until I finally look over his grad school essay.

Alpha also bought a large wooden salad bowl and cut a curve in the side for a yarn bowl. It's very pretty and one day, when I am not so lax about taking pictures, I'll show it to you all.

I've been looking on Pinterest at geeky sayings, fuzzy animals and crafts. It's my internet crack. I surf this website for hours and pretend that I don't have job applications to fill out and a dungeon to clean. I can successfully put off being an adult until the next day, when I do it all over again.

Thursday, December 15

Pictures are optional right?

(This is a repost from my other blog, but I don't think I've updated it here... and it actually applies to my hobbies.)

So those who know me well have probably had some brief encounter with my security blanket. Yes, I still have my security blanket from when I was little. I refer to it at my 'itchy blanket' because it was... so itchy. It has red crocheted poinsettias in hexagons all over it. It should probably be a Christmas blanket, but rules like that don't apply to children and emotionally-dependent adults.

I got my blanket sometime when I was 2 or so. It was a source of comfort and love, especially when my little world collapsed. I would worry at the white fringe on the sides and wonder if I would ever worry the fringe right off. (Once I even cut off some of the fringe, in a not-so brilliant attempt to detach myself from the object of my obsession.) I have grown old enough now that the fringe is starting to fall off pretty much on it's own.

For the longest time I thought my blanket had been made in a store. I didn't look at my blanket long enough, nor did I know very much about crochet. It had been magically produced somehow and I thought it was perfect. Fast-forward 20 years and gain a world of knowledge about crocheting and I began to realize that my perfect blanket was not so perfect after all. One hexagon is bunched and warped because it has too many stitches, and none of the center circles are the same. I can put my whole thumb through one and I can even manage my pinkie in another. Suffice to say, the person who was following the pattern: didn't.

I still love my blanket. However, the neurotic side of me is distressed by all the problems and imperfections in my blanket. (I am also worried that someday in the future my blanket will disintegrate and I will be clinging to only a few strands of puff.) Knowing now that my blanket came from a pattern of some kind I look on the internet and find a woman on etsy who has a similar blanket for sale. "Can I have the pattern?" I ask after relaying the love and growing concern that I have for my own blanket. "No." Is the returning response. "But the pattern is found in McCall magazine #."

(Side note: This response upset me somewhat. I understand that the woman is on etsy to sell her product, I don't understand withholding the pattern. If someone wants the pattern, they want to recreate it. Presumably, they enjoy the craft and want to spend time making the product themselves. Withholding the pattern is not going to make them want to purchase the product from you. If they are stubborn, like me, they will go about it in their own DIY way. Perhaps there was some copyright laws about it... but I was still miffed.)

I am of sufficient DIY-ness that I refused to hunt down the pattern (my husband did hunt it down, but then that's his way.) What I did was stare idly at my blanket for months. I slowly reconstructed how it was made in random moments simply because I wanted to know. Then something snapped. Perhaps it was the year's supply of yarn in my possession (I am not kidding. I have promised myself no more yarn until I have used up what I have.But you all know how that's turned out. Not too awesomely well, but my new stash is AWESOME.) or the need for my hands to do something while watching General Conference Started during October... dropped and neglected for a month or two. I began making my blanket.

The colors are very different, the gauge is slightly so and the pattern... maybe not exact. What I do know... I am learning more about my blanket than I knew before. Another 'itchy blanket' is beginning to form.

Center circles: 32/32
1st round leaves: 32/32
2nd round leaves: 32/32
Finished hexagons: 9/32

Another thing? This new blanket might be able to accomplish what no other blanket or object has ever done. Replace an old obsessive need with a new one.

I've updated the stats since the original post, I am much closer to finishing. And since I am vaguely lazy, I decided that Alpha is going to get the blanket. Then I am going to steal it from him.

Wednesday, December 14

Bucket list for the Crazy Crafter?

I made a craft bucket list the other night. I was looking at this quilt at Posy gets Cosy and I realized I really want to make a Log Cabin quilt one day. I wrote it down and made certain to include a couple of things I have planned for the next year so I don’t become discouraged. I believe a good bucket list is one that incorporates your life as it is, not just the dreams you have for the future. If I never make it to India, I’ll be sad, but if I never take a ceramics class I’ll be even more disappointed in myself.

Saturday, December 3

This may be a one-day conversion.

So last night I started the "no shampoo" head diet. I have no pithy way to say it. I refuse to refer to it by a name that sounds like I am digestion-ally challenged.

Anyway, after sleeping the sleep of the sick and nearly dead (you know, when you sleep forever, get head sweats and then awake to a rat's nest in the morning?) I awoke to a head of hair that was almost perfectly coiffed. I didn't even need to brush it this afternoon. This is rather awesome. It appears that I showered today.

This may be one of the quickest conversions ever, but maybe I speak too soon.

I am too weak from being sick to continually work on my Christmas gifts... but my hair looks fabulous.

Friday, December 2

Try something new

For Christmas this year, I think I'll give myself the gift of less slave-like dependence on shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

I have greasy, thin hair and slightly dry skin. I used a clarifying shampoo, a cheap conditioner and massive amounts of lotion. I always hate running out of shampoo and conditioner because I never use the same amount at a time. Sometimes the shampoo goes out first and I scrounge among the Hotel daily bottles to find the right size and sometimes the dance is repeated for conditioner and I am perpetually running out of lotion.

I've been reading about a "No Shampoo" movement on the internet and pinned a couple things about it on Pinterest. Use baking soda dissolved in water as the cleansing agent and apple vinegar as the conditioner. It's cheaper than the cheapest shampoo and a little less than the cheapest conditioner. I just have to figure out the proper amount to use on my head.

First day impressions? I really miss the suds. Pouring water over your head just doesn't seem the same at all. It doesn't squeak either. I've gotten used to how my hair feels after shampooing and I realize that there is going to be an entirely new learning curve to master regarding cleanliness. My hair won't squeak and it won't slick like before.

Now, to be perfectly honest, thinking about this no shampoo method does put some perspective on Medieval and especially Roman cleanliness. (I never thought of the Romans as dirty, but now I realize that their hair was probably more fluffy than I thought.)  The entire goal of the no-shampoo thing is to get your natural hair oils producing at the right rate to where your hair doesn't even really need a cleanser at all. No shampoo at all, wow. Think that in the days before manufactured lotions and shampoos and conditioners, people already had hair producing the right amount of oil for their head.

Wow. So I embark on a new adventure of oils, baking soda and vinegar. I'll update my progress more faithfully than Hat Hell. I promise.

Wednesday, November 30

Burning Shame

It's the end of the month and I didn't blog like I wanted to. I was awful, horrible, evil and lazy.

Oh well.

Hat Hell 2011 was a partial success. I got rid of a lot of stash and made hats. I got about halfway through the month. Then I went mildly insane and wanted to stab myself countless times, instead I began actively organizing my stash and pattern collection. That project is still in the works.

My resolution not to buy yarn until I burned more stash failed... but it failed nicely. I bought 2 skeins of Red Heart to patch my MIL's blanket and then promptly burned them over the Thanksgiving break. Guess what the colors were? Orange and Black. It was a granny-square, Halloween blanket. I should be happy, but Halloween does have it's time and place and that is not during Thanksgiving. (See the orange skein to the left? Yeah, I was working with that and black.) I had the benefit of showing off my talent to a large group of talented in-laws. Alpha's brother designs and crochets blankets, that brother's wife does needlepoint and cross-stitch. Another sister-in-law takes fabulous pictures and is crafty. All in all, clinging to the lap blanket of orange and black made me feel like I could be a contender. And I did. They are all cool, wonderful  people and they made me feel cool and wonderful too, which just makes them more awesome.

After this never-ending cycle of ego-stroking,  I went to Salvation Army and rescued a skein of Red Heart Fleck... It's acrylic and nasty, but my heart was enlarged and willing to forgive even Red Heart. It was partly because it was nice enough (at a thrift store there are much worse yarns than Red Heart), and mostly because I went to a wool store just before.

That's right. My new fascination to shop for yarn when I visit other parts of the world continued. It began in England with sock yarn and has only gotten worse. This time I dragged Alpha out of his way to feed my need. We stopped in Temecula, California at a beautiful Wool store called The Wool Lady. It's an all animal-fiber store, specializing in wool bats for quilting. Seeing the lovely soft wool and cute projects made me want to begin quilting too. So, being in a beautiful, small business, I spent money.

I picked up 3 skeins of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace in 1071 blue. It's so soft and delicious to touch. I will share pictures, though if you google it you will see why I love it so much.  I am already dreaming of a large lace shawl that will make me weep in frustration and glow with pride. It's why I bought 3 skeins. I also bought point protectors and a lovely Skin Thimble. While knitting the sleeves of my sweater,  I realized that my right pointer finger does not have the necessary callus... so I was in pain. I knew that a decent thimble would work, but I didn't see one until I was in Wool Lady Heaven. If you are in the area, I suggest stopping buy.

So I might be awful, horrible, evil and lazy, but I am also kind of productive, crafty, savvy and totally Awesome.

(Did you see what I did up there for The Wool Lady? I cleverly said 'buy" instead of "by" instilling in your mind the necessity of purchasing, not just perusing. See?)

Also, not that enough people read this and adore me, but I would love to have a share of wool fromthe best place ever. They had a great sale for Cyber Monday, but my pocketbook is stretched a little thin right now.

Friday, November 4

Day 4- Softie #2

There are a lot of similar themes in my Hat Hell endurance test. If I have the yarn, I will repeat a pattern to get it right or to use up the yarn. Since it was so much fun to use softie, here is another one.

Thursday, November 3

Day 3- Softie #1

This series of hats is my purgatory. It’s a mini-hell of bad yarn choices built up over time, hence the name for this month. Yeah, they are great ways to start out learning (because they don’t cost too much and they come in every color imaginable) but once you feel how soft alpaca, wool and mink (mink yarn? Heck yes!) a lot of commercial brand acrylics are squeaky, rough and ever present. I’d still do a Doctor Who scarf in them for now, because I am unemployed college graduate who can’t afford copious amount of wool. (Do you remember about Wovember? You should! Go over and sign the petition now and wear wool.)

These next two hats were my joy. I'll reveal one today and the second tomorrow. I can't go about showing off all of the work that I've done. I proposed one hat and day and I will stick to it, even if you think you are suffering from deja vu.  They were made from 1-ply Softie wool/ acrylic blend. So soft. So very soft before and after crocheting red heart hats.
It’s a pretty standard ribbed beanie. A pom-pom of extra yarn was added on top, mostly because I truly hate to waste yarn. I used 58 to 60 stitches with a k2, p2 and decreased at the top.

The one problem with this yarn was the fact that the 1 ply twist would gradually come apart if I let it. I had to be very conscious of the twist and occasionally had to retwist the yarn. It made it exciting!
Dad  is modeling Softie #1 for you all. He was a good sport. I popped it on his head, took a picture and then ran away cackling. I already had a picture of me modeling a hat, I don't  want to inundate you with my beauty.

I keep saying that this yarn is so soft. This is the excess from Chachi’s hat. Chachi was a neighbor and still is a good geek friend. He and Alpha can talk Doctor Who into the ground. He begged for a hat for 3 years and then after we both moved away I gave him one for his birthday. That kind of diligence should be rewarded. I don’t say patience, because he doesn’t have a lot of it. So I had this extra  yarn around and decided to make more hats. I touch that yarn and I want to swoon, and afterwards it’s even more of a penance to work with cheap yarn. I am paying for all my young exuberance in stash burning.

I still have a month and a half before hats/ scarves are officially due, since this is all a part of service project for ACCA. I have a bag (my wonderful, jute Dover bag... which I haven’t replaced even though the corners are ratted out) which I intend on filling with my stash burning goodies. Maybe if I am really, really dedicated, I’ll have extra hats and scarves.

Wednesday, November 2

Day 2- Fungly #2

Day 2 is an exciting day! It's the 3rd official post of Hat Hell 2011 (I will say the prayer again, please don't let there be another one) and the 2nd hat featured. I give to you, Fungly #2, Fungly #1's bigger, little sister.
Made almost exactly like Fungly #1, Fungly 2, bigger and better, features a top cap of black and a little black flower. (I ran out of fungly yarn near the end and didn't want to rip out all of my hard work and so I used black. It goes with everything. Then I added the flower to balance the color out.) As you can tell, it's a cap for a girl or a very, very secure boy.

I actually took a picture with this hat as per my introductory indication. I can't claim to take bad photographs when I am not even the one taking the picture. Dad took the picture.

There I am. Doesn't Fungly #2 look cute? The flower is perched slightly askew.Don't I look so cute? (I'm hiding my many insecurities right now.)

Oh well, I can't pass up the wonderful story I have about pictures and insecurity. I have the mindset of an anorexic, even if I do act on my mental disorder. I can fit into petite sizes and so I intellectually know I am not fat at all, but I still am a little insecure about my chin area. The soft curves that reveal I am indeed a woman drive me absolutely bonkers. So, when I care, I do my best to minimize the double chin. Once for a very important presentation for college, I and other seniors were photographed. All the other seniors had engaging pictures being taken of them looking at the audience. My picture? It was taken while looking at my notes (which I didn't do often) and it was taken from the side. It was one of the most unflattering angles ever. It was a bad photograph of me, but it didn't even do me the justice of appearing like a bad photograph. It was a well-taken, unflattering picture. My insecurities about doubled (ha-ha) that day.

Anyway, there I am in all my adorable, insecure glory.

Day 3: Tomorrow Dad models the ribbed look. And the day after.


Tuesday, November 1

Day 1- Fungly #1

A brief confession. I began Hat Hell in October. That's how I realized that it wasn't a quest or an adventure, but a trial and an endurance race. Let's hope I have the stamina to continue this until the end of the month. Anyway!

Do you remember Fungly yarn?
 Of course, you do my imaginary audience. Though I am certain that if I continue this endurance race, there will be enough people to laugh at my pain by the end.

So the first official hat of Hat Hell 2011 (please, don't let there be more than one year, unless there are others to share in my pain.) is Fungly #1! yay. 
 Crocheted bottom-up in alternating blocks of hdc and dc. That's half-double crochet and double crochet for the crochet pattern illiterate. I am not judging because I, too, use to be of your ranks. I don’t have an exact pattern because I am a) lazy, b) certain that there is already a pattern for a plain beanie on the vast and mighty interwebs.

And now a preview for Day 2!
There is Fungly #1 with it's sister hat. You will understand why the other one is given a gender tomorrow.

Welcome in Wovember!

Today is the first day of November and as such I am going to begin the celebrations by talking about a recent website that shares something important to me, then I will reveal what the awful things I am planning to do to my person this month.

First, the thing I care about.

Wovember is a website (an organization?) that advocates the use of "wool, woolly, and woolen" to apply only to the hair of the sheep. It's a brilliant idea that I wish had already been done.

Most people expect 'wool' to be wool. When I went to England last year I was eager to participate in their wool economy by buying wool to knit into socks or hats or cowls. Imagine my dismay when I realized that of the many shops I went to, I couldn't really find pure wool. (This may be in part to the fact that I was a novice at buying yarn, but get me some credit.) I had to settle for a yarn with a fiber content of 49% acrylic and 51% wool. This is pretty good because some garments advertise out there only contain 5% wool, but still when I went looking for wool, I was expecting the pure, from a sheep's back wool.

Is a 'woolly' mammoth actually "woolly?" It's a Tundra mammoth and it's hairy! Call it a HAIRY MAMMOTH!

So, please sign this petition. It's one of the few that I will ever ask you to sign. (I'm not very politically active.)
Now I will tell you what I'm planning to do to celebrate my new blog, my (mostly) organized stash and the month when things usually get chilly. I Introduce to you!
Every day for a month, I will feature a hat that I have made from yarn already in my stash, or donated by others (probably from their stash.) I will take a picture with the hat on me... or maybe conscript someone else. That way I can encourage myself to take pictures, and actively show you what I’ve been working on everyday. (I need to take the pictures. It’s not that I am camera shy, it’s not!) All of them will likely be beanies, since they are quick to make and warm. (I may stab my eyes out with knitting needles, or dig them out with a crochet hook before the end.) Anyway... All of the ones featured will be donated to warm the heads of teens and children in the Annandale area through the ACCA foundation.

Also, I signed up to do Nanowrimo. My first year because I don't have other employment to justify not doing it.

Also, I will find a job.

Monday, October 31

Halloween Wrap-up

A short guide to Awesome halloween decorations in under 3 hours.

White sheets and pillows make haunting ghosts.

Excess spider webbing all over your bushes.

An Imp-designed Jack O’Lantern.

Paper Lanterns (these were fun and the tea lights lasted ALL night long.)

It was rather marvelous! I had a great time. I ran into some friends who graduated high school at the same time I did. They were totally trick-or-treating! It made me kind of jealous.

Best costume of the night? The little girl as Darth Vader. I was a little unsure at first whether she was a boy with long hair, or a girl as Darth Vader, in this culture just because a person has long hair doesn’t automatically make them a girl, but her Dad called her by her very feminine name. I said “She picked out that costume all by herself.” He smiled and said yes.

All of the babies in animal outfits made me squeal, their parents got extra candy because I loved the babies so much.

Last Night of Dragon and Arachne

Mei-Mei went to a friend’s neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Imp as a Chinese Lady got quite a haul in our neighborhood with Dad dressed as the ‘man in black’. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the Chinese Lady Imp, but it was very good. I elaborated on Mei-Mei’s makeup and it turned out pretty well if I say so myself.

I’m going to miss Halloween. Now I need to get some sleep to make up for all the nights I stayed up helping and decorating.

 Good Night and Happy All Saint's Day!

Tune in Tomorrow for the Beginning of Hat Hell.

Thursday, October 27

Organizational woes

It’s time for another round of “WHAT WAS I THINKING! Oh, that’s right. I WASN”T!”

It’s a pretty fun game; you get to castigate yourself for all of the unthinking purchases you made over the last forever of your life.  This time, it is not my bitter friend and foe, squeaky acrylic, but cotton.

I got 5 colors of cotton in England.  I thought they were pretty and silky and I had plans to somehow make them fun socks.  (Don’t ask me how; I was without a brain at the time.)  I still think they are pretty and silky and since I paid for them with pounds, I am even more unwilling to let them vanish from my stash.  This is a huge problem because they become tangled messes with a mere touch.

Yes, I like tangles, but even I reach a point where my right hand knows not what my left hand does.  In this case... sinister Lefty (ha ha... all you who’ve taken Latin should laugh and then feel shame) wants to creep toward the scissors sitting so prettily in a blown glass vase.  Lefty hasn’t won yet, but it’s been a close battle.  Very close.

Out of the 10 skeins purchased,  the 5 colors all came with 2 skeins, I have duh-duh-da!  2 wound, unknotted balls.  This hard work was achieved while watching Legally Blonde by myself... and then with Momar and Mei-Mei because they missed it.

In all, this cotton reminds me of the silk I encountered at “The Needle Lady”.  A skein was purchased and then wound into a ball, but the attendant hid the center pull because this silk became nasty and knotty when pulled from the center.  This cotton is nasty whichever way, but in balls... it doesn’t get to tangle with itself.  Hopefully, it will be beautiful when it is knit or crocheted into something.  Right now, I am just left with inventive invectives against the puffy white plants that made this yarn happen.

 image courtesy of
 How I curse you! I curse and curse you!

Tuesday, October 25

A Brag post?

Do you know what?

I’d hate to be like other blogs that brag all the time about their wonderful husbands.. but really, I can’t help it. Alpha is just too awesome for words. He stayed up all night and then in the morning proceeded to make baklava bites for my book group tonight. (Yeah, I hang out with awesome older women and talk about books. That’s just how I roll.) He was worried that they were too salty and put strawberries on top. I would have taken a picture, but they were too delicious and I inhaled them with the help of Momar, Guru, and another lady. The picture below might give you a hint of what we indulged in, but it doesn't do it justice. Firstly, you can't recreate taste and secondly, there were strawberries on ours.

Image courtesy of The Food Network

We read The Curse of Chalion for this month. I love that book. I reach a point when I just can’t put it down and then I end up screwing up my fragile sleep schedule again.

I wish this post related somehow to spinning or knitting... but it doesn’t. It’s just a brag post about the awesome treats that Alpha makes for me all the time.

Sunday, October 23

Weekend Plans- recap

Well... we went to the renaissance festival.

It was fun, but I suspect that I have reached the stage where a sheep shearing would have been more awesome. Alpha had a good time though, that’s what counts. We checked out some of the shops, overall they weren’t as enthralling as when I was younger. I kept walking around going “I can do that. Or I could learn to do it really easily.”

Also, the cigarette smoke really killed me. Only the smell of cinnamon sugar nuts abated it at all. There was a reason why I hung around those stands and was tempted to buy more than I ought.

Here is a picture of Alpha wearing a glutton sign. He’s not a glutton, really... he’s been working on losing weight and has lost a fair amount since the summer. We also saw a Gandalf playing games, a Sir Bedevere from The Holy Grail and I took a couple pictures with my phone here and there. I am trying to get better at taking pictures.

Renaissance food is expensive. Luckily, it’s pretty much all that Alpha and I spent. We like food experiences. I’ve grown to like them more than object-experiences since we are living in a tiny space.  The only thing that we bought was a 1lb. glass of pepper honey.  (Still counts as food though.) The things that really sparked my interest were things with sheep on them, a candle, a mug. The two things I would have bought were a pin with “wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey” written on it and a knitting bowl. The knitting bowl is an awesome idea and I am tempted to make Alpha make one for me. (Of course, I could make one for myself out of polymer clays, but the glazes are so pretty.)

All in all, a pretty good time, but I certainly feel like I’ve outgrown the scene. Shearing Celebrations happen twice a year, so there’s always the spring.

Here are some other highlights: In order, Gandalf playing mind games, Sir Bedevere, 'Ye Olde Gamery', Alpha at the entrance, the towers are the entrance. It was fun.

Friday, October 21


I am making hats as part of a service project for church. In this area, it gets pretty cold (not Maine cold or anything... but there has been blizzards in the area)  and there are kids who don’t have winter hats and scarves. It’s a good service and I get to demonstrate and teach a talent that I have worked on for years.

It’s also a way to get rid of yarn stash.
This particular yarn was donated and it is obviously a Red Heart brand yarn. I can feel it in every stitch I make. It’s... squeeky. Still, the colors are fun... but mixed together it turns into something fun and ugly... fungly.

Alpha hastens to point out that “fungly”, if it were a word,  is a portmanteau. A combination of two words to make a new word. It’s sometimes fun to have an English major Alpha. He makes criticisms and books interesting to think about. (And that’s not even getting into the discussions and criticisms that we get into after plays and movies. I am so glad that I got married to him because who else would talk about subtle themes, inconsistencies and Hollywood propaganda with me?)

Fungly hats... awesome.

Thursday, October 20

What should my weekend plans be!

Renaissance Festival or Fall Shearing Celebration? Oh, oh, OH! I am so torn. What do I do? The decision is coming up and I still don’t know what to do this weekend.

Juniper Moon Farms Sheep Shearing Celebration- where I could network, bond with sheep and possibly stop in Charlottesville at my favorite yarn store “The Needle Lady” and eat gelato. (downside, spending money)


Renaissance Festival 2011, where people wear costumes I love, scouting the scene for a future booth, sharing the experience with Alpha who has never been to one. (It costs money, but it’s closer and the exorbitant rates of the shops will keep us from buying the beautiful things we love.)

It’s a hard decision. I wish I had more Saturdays in October. Or that the fun things didn't all happen on the same day.

Gorgon's Knot

Inspired by Spindles and Spices... and a facebook friend getting into knitting, I have decided to [re]organize my yarn stash/ needles/ hooks. I have things is separate places right now because the stash is large, I am living in a small space and I am too lazy to put the yarn back into the stash hole after I do one project. That and my riffling around cause some serious damage to my neatness. I am like a gerbil trying to make my pine bedding comfortable, except I am a rat and the bedding is a pile of yarn. (I am tempted to photograph this as it seems like something I would do anyway.)

So, given my love affair with losing things, I tend to riffle through my yarn a lot and that causes some problems since yarn balls and skeins don’t hold up well to rampant riffling. A nice yarn ball will end up going from this... to this.
It's like looking into the mouth of hell.
I think the tail end in the tangled mass is just there to mock you. It makes you think that it’s one strand of yarn, that there is an end, when it fact it’s the infinite loop like unto the gorgon’s knot. Alexander the Great could only solve that puzzle buy cheating. In one version he cuts the knot in half, in the other the puzzle was simply to separate the horse from the cart by undoing the knot and he just unhooks the horse without dealing with the knot at all.

I am not Alexander the Great. First, I am a woman and Alpha would be distressed if I were Alexander, second I have patience for knots. I don’t have patience for anything else, but I can while away hours undoing knots that have formed in my yarn. I suppose that I sabotage myself by allowing my yarn to get tangled, so I can untangle it again. Some people spend hours playing video games, I spend hours playing with tangled yarn.

So while I am not taking a picture of the before state, that pleasure is mine and Alpha’s alone, I will happily share the aftermath, after hours and hours... you’ll see it sometime.