Monday, October 7

Bunny Lovin'- to the pet I never knew I needed

 So everyone, this is Silver. He is full of sassy spunk and doesn't take anything from anyone. (Not even cuddles.) He's an independent bunny who don't need no man.

 Here he is being mysterious and handsome, looking off into the distance. You can also see his bada** tattoo in his ear. Why yes, he did a couple of shows. That changes a rabbit.
 In all seriousness. (Which is almost impossible looking at that cute mug. This is his 'you may touch my ears and head' expression.) Silver is an adopted rabbit. Momar, Mei-Mei and myself went to the Maryland Alpaca festival (coming up soon in November!) and in a case of extremely poor planning on our part, walked into the rabbit show that was taking place in one of the barns. Talking to a couple of the breeders we found this amazing lady who was trying to find homes for some of her bunnies because she was getting married. It was impossible to say no (Silver is a rex, which means he is SUPER soft.) and we came home with a new family member. He has been ruling the house ever since.