Tuesday, November 1

Day 1- Fungly #1

A brief confession. I began Hat Hell in October. That's how I realized that it wasn't a quest or an adventure, but a trial and an endurance race. Let's hope I have the stamina to continue this until the end of the month. Anyway!

Do you remember Fungly yarn?
 Of course, you do my imaginary audience. Though I am certain that if I continue this endurance race, there will be enough people to laugh at my pain by the end.

So the first official hat of Hat Hell 2011 (please, don't let there be more than one year, unless there are others to share in my pain.) is Fungly #1! yay. 
 Crocheted bottom-up in alternating blocks of hdc and dc. That's half-double crochet and double crochet for the crochet pattern illiterate. I am not judging because I, too, use to be of your ranks. I don’t have an exact pattern because I am a) lazy, b) certain that there is already a pattern for a plain beanie on the vast and mighty interwebs.

And now a preview for Day 2!
There is Fungly #1 with it's sister hat. You will understand why the other one is given a gender tomorrow.