Tuesday, November 1

Welcome in Wovember!

Today is the first day of November and as such I am going to begin the celebrations by talking about a recent website that shares something important to me, then I will reveal what the awful things I am planning to do to my person this month.

First, the thing I care about.

Wovember is a website (an organization?) that advocates the use of "wool, woolly, and woolen" to apply only to the hair of the sheep. It's a brilliant idea that I wish had already been done.

Most people expect 'wool' to be wool. When I went to England last year I was eager to participate in their wool economy by buying wool to knit into socks or hats or cowls. Imagine my dismay when I realized that of the many shops I went to, I couldn't really find pure wool. (This may be in part to the fact that I was a novice at buying yarn, but get me some credit.) I had to settle for a yarn with a fiber content of 49% acrylic and 51% wool. This is pretty good because some garments advertise out there only contain 5% wool, but still when I went looking for wool, I was expecting the pure, from a sheep's back wool.

Is a 'woolly' mammoth actually "woolly?" It's a Tundra mammoth and it's hairy! Call it a HAIRY MAMMOTH!

So, please sign this petition. It's one of the few that I will ever ask you to sign. (I'm not very politically active.)
Now I will tell you what I'm planning to do to celebrate my new blog, my (mostly) organized stash and the month when things usually get chilly. I Introduce to you!
Every day for a month, I will feature a hat that I have made from yarn already in my stash, or donated by others (probably from their stash.) I will take a picture with the hat on me... or maybe conscript someone else. That way I can encourage myself to take pictures, and actively show you what I’ve been working on everyday. (I need to take the pictures. It’s not that I am camera shy, it’s not!) All of them will likely be beanies, since they are quick to make and warm. (I may stab my eyes out with knitting needles, or dig them out with a crochet hook before the end.) Anyway... All of the ones featured will be donated to warm the heads of teens and children in the Annandale area through the ACCA foundation.

Also, I signed up to do Nanowrimo. My first year because I don't have other employment to justify not doing it.

Also, I will find a job.