Friday, December 2

Try something new

For Christmas this year, I think I'll give myself the gift of less slave-like dependence on shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

I have greasy, thin hair and slightly dry skin. I used a clarifying shampoo, a cheap conditioner and massive amounts of lotion. I always hate running out of shampoo and conditioner because I never use the same amount at a time. Sometimes the shampoo goes out first and I scrounge among the Hotel daily bottles to find the right size and sometimes the dance is repeated for conditioner and I am perpetually running out of lotion.

I've been reading about a "No Shampoo" movement on the internet and pinned a couple things about it on Pinterest. Use baking soda dissolved in water as the cleansing agent and apple vinegar as the conditioner. It's cheaper than the cheapest shampoo and a little less than the cheapest conditioner. I just have to figure out the proper amount to use on my head.

First day impressions? I really miss the suds. Pouring water over your head just doesn't seem the same at all. It doesn't squeak either. I've gotten used to how my hair feels after shampooing and I realize that there is going to be an entirely new learning curve to master regarding cleanliness. My hair won't squeak and it won't slick like before.

Now, to be perfectly honest, thinking about this no shampoo method does put some perspective on Medieval and especially Roman cleanliness. (I never thought of the Romans as dirty, but now I realize that their hair was probably more fluffy than I thought.)  The entire goal of the no-shampoo thing is to get your natural hair oils producing at the right rate to where your hair doesn't even really need a cleanser at all. No shampoo at all, wow. Think that in the days before manufactured lotions and shampoos and conditioners, people already had hair producing the right amount of oil for their head.

Wow. So I embark on a new adventure of oils, baking soda and vinegar. I'll update my progress more faithfully than Hat Hell. I promise.