Saturday, December 31

How arbitary, to measure our lives by a calendar that means nothing...

If my readership of one is DYING to know, I've been busy these last couple of weeks. Yes, I was hit with the sudden and inevitable "Knit/ Crochet All the Things" before Christmas, but thankfully I was able to read the Yarn Harlot and realize that it's okay to feel this way and if I don't want to have a mental breakdown, I shouldn't push myself too much. I still have two Christmas gifts to complete. Since one of them is for Alpha and I will steal it, I don't feel too badly.

Alpha was really sweet this year. Since we are the unemployed, he spent very little, but he intends on making me a swift. He was so cute about it really. A couple weeks before Christmas he told me that he had an idea for a gift, but since he was completely illiterate in the ways of yarn and notions, he didn't know if it would be useful, so he had to tell me. I agreed that a swift and ball-winder would be nice and then he set about looking online for homemade techniques. It's almost done. I think he is holding the finishing off until I finally look over his grad school essay.

Alpha also bought a large wooden salad bowl and cut a curve in the side for a yarn bowl. It's very pretty and one day, when I am not so lax about taking pictures, I'll show it to you all.

I've been looking on Pinterest at geeky sayings, fuzzy animals and crafts. It's my internet crack. I surf this website for hours and pretend that I don't have job applications to fill out and a dungeon to clean. I can successfully put off being an adult until the next day, when I do it all over again.