Tuesday, January 17

Lost Days

Those three hexagons were done the next day. I had been on a good diurnal schedule, then suddenly I could see the end of the project tunnel regarding the blanket. I started it sometime last year and worked on it a little here and there. I decided to make it a Christmas gift and when that date flew by, just decided I wanted it done sometime in the new year.  I could see that my diurnal schedule was going to be shot.

I sewed the edges and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I started to crochet a mint border as a contrast. Since this blanket was a gift for Alpha, it had to be equally masculine. No fringe.

I went to bed sometime around 6 in the morning... and it wasn’t done yet. I had also taken it into my perfectionist head to weave in all the ends I have previously ignored. That’s 32 times... 4-6. It was a long process.

After 2 days.. or nights really since I went nocturnal, the reconstruction was finally done. And I tried starting another project right afterwards.

I’ve learned I need a little downtime between each project. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to gather my weary mind together. This time it was one day and then I decided to ignore my little list of crafting tasks and start a simple knit baby blanket.
I refer to my long nights and comatose days as my lost days. I lose track of a lot of things during the night. I had been writing in my journal and establishing a relationship with the sun, but that went out the window. These days aren’t necessarily bad though. I enjoy them frequently.