Friday, May 17

I have a problem...

She says after opening a package from (cascade 220 Heathers, worsted weight, colorways 'shire' and 'heather') and realizing that she committed to buying a loom this weekend.

"Maybe it's a little more than a problem."

She thinks as she pulls out the books she checked out of the library. "Learn to Spin" by Anne Fields and "Weaving made Easy" by Liz Gipson. (She hasn't really checked out any other literature besides spinning and knitting books in the last... oh, MONTH.)

"It might be classified as an obsession."

She muses as she twists her drop spindle clockwise, spinning a length of Miss Babs "Vixen". (It was supposed to be red and orange... where is the PINK coming from!)

"And you know... I'm okay with that..."