Monday, May 13

There has not been much sheepery, or geekery....

and I can't quite bring myself to apologize...

There was scads of  sheepery at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2013. Scads and Scads. I pet and Oxford for about 30 minutes over the course of the day and when you think about how much shopping there was to be done, that's a pretty significant commitment to petting a sheep.

Yarn bowl,knitting needles, spindle, felt balls, food, cheese...


Saw Iron Man 3 for Alpha's birthday. I was really excited during the previews. Catching Fire, Thor 2, Wolverine.... yeah. There was geeking in the seating. Then there was quite a lot of geeking during the movie. I mean, it's Iron Man.

I remember seeing the first Iron Man movie with Alpha when we went to college. We were engaged and  it was the last week of the semester (looks up.. yeah May 3rd). We sat in the theatre and had an absolutely marvelous time. (Robert Downey Jr. was is and always will be perfect for the role.) I thought that maybe my future husband could give my father a run for his money when it came to comic books. Having been married for almost 5 years... I know that that is true now. I mean we showed up to a college lecture about Iron Man (given by Marymount last year; the college presentations were awkward and undergraduate, but the guest lecturer on Marvel and Iron Man was amazing.)

Wow... 5 years of Iron Man. 5 years of amazing Marvel movies... that's really strange to think about right now.

Anyway, once I get my hands on a picture-taker I will enlighten you all on what I've been doing lately instead of knitting on the shawl like I should.