Monday, October 1

I don't really get it...

buntings. I don't really understand they have snuck up on me as a decoration.

At first they are like this. I've seen these before. I don't know if they have a purpose, but I am use to them. They are colorful and flap in the breeze. And everything is better when it flaps in the breeze.

Then, they transform and have happy little sayings, like "Happy Thanksgiving," "Happy Birthday," "Happy Halloween." (This example can be found over here. Not necessarily an endorsement, mind you.) Surprisingly,  I can understand these. They have writing on them. The bunting makes a little bit of sense... I suppose. A temporary, seasonal message. Although, you know, it loses major points in that it's mostly inside at this point. No happy flapping in the breeze for these guys since they will probably be used again next year.

But then we reach this stage where it becomes weird. I can understand decoration for decoration's sake... but 'buntings?' What happened to quilts and tapestries and I don't know.... paintings. (Big fan of the paintings over here... way big fan.) Sadly, I don't want to incriminate any of the people that I respect, though I question their taste in this regard so I am not posting images of this decorating trend.

Then the weird becomes ridiculous. Bunting on cake, bunting on cupcakes... bunting necklaces!!!

At that point, I shake my head because I realize the world is crazy and it doesn't care that there is no purpose for these things. It's a fad, a fashion statement. It's like mason jar glassware, reclaimed wood, and window shutters on the inside.  It's 'thrifty', pinterest and all that that entails.

P.S.- in the interest of full disclosure, I have and use a jam jar mug. Bought the jam, cleaned the jar and kept the lid. It's pretty useful for hot chocolate, but I am not posting pictures of my brilliance and aesthetic savoir faire because I don't think it's super cool to advertise that I am a hoarder.