Tuesday, October 2

I have found it!

My LYS (Local Yarn Store) is now Aylin's Woolgatherer. It's close and the staff are SUPER helpful.

They had my Baby Alpaca Lace... I nearly cried in relief as I swiped the card and made that sucker mine. I will work back to the shawl as soon as I am emotionally ready to. Given the fact that most of my other yarns are nasty acrylic, I will be emotionally ready a lot sooner than otherwise.

Also, I have realized two things. 1) I love Alpaca. It's a wonderful, soft fibre that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. 2) I am addicted to lace-weight yarns. I almost walked out with a couple skeins of lace-weight, but prudence and the guilt of knowing that I bought a set of needles prevented me.