Saturday, October 13

Fairfax Fair 2012

I woke up today really excited. I blocked out this Saturday for the last 2 weeks since I knew the exact date of the fair, and mentally segmented October to go since last year. I didn't go to the museum exhibit about Dead Sea Scrolls; I didn't go to my alma mater's Homecoming; heck, I didn't even plan to do anything else for the entire day. So waking up without a car was a little devastating.

Dad took Imp and Mei-Mei to Dead Sea Scroll exhibit.
Alpha was at work.
Momar went here and was stuck on I-495 for 45 minutes because of a really bad traffic accident.

I waited for several hours, questioning whether I should take the bus, wait for Momar to return, whether Momar was hurt or had forgotten how much I wanted to go. As stupid as I knew it was, I began to feel sorry for myself. Once I succumbed to the temptation to wallow in bed eating cold, leftover pizza Momar came home and turned straight around to come with me.

The Fall Fairfax Fair was fun. Luckily, my progress in various crafty things and my assiduous window catalog shopping left me mostly immune to the lures of many handcrafted goodies. I know my tastes now and I rarely succumb to even thrift store prices.

I helped pick out a few Christmas gifts for family and thought I completely scored an awesome gift for Alpha. It was an antler back-scratcher. (His favorite Christmas gift ever was a bamboo back-scratcher from the Dollar Store.) There is no problem with sharing it because I am a bad hinter and he guessed within 5 minutes what it was. Sadly... Alpha is kind of creeped out by bones.

Sad, followed by fun, followed by disappointment in my gift-giving abilities.