Saturday, June 9

Best in Show: June 3rd-9th

Avoidance by Yarn Harlot. “PS. The astute among you will notice straight off what it took me 20 minutes to clue in to. I am now procrastinating by talking about procrastinating and trying to engage in a conversation about procrastination. I hate myself.”  

The honesty of that statement... that while she was engaged in thinking about how procrastination lies to her, she allowed herself to be lied to and it took her 20 minutes to realize it. Also, i have those feelings all the time. Sadly I allow procrastination to win out most of the time.

Is Pay the most important thing about work to you? To others? by The Happiness Project. “Although people recognize that for themselves, other values count more than money (though money remains important), they assume that other people find money the most significant aspect of work.”

This is what I love and hate about job searches. Or the good employment specialists who care about getting you a position. In my job search, I ran into some dead ends, but then refocused on child care/ mother’s helper. When I began to find jobs, the employment specialists treated it as sub-par work and only temporary. While it is temporary (in that children grow up), there will always be more kids until I spawn, but the work experience is lovely. I love the families I work with and I love being part of those children’s lives. The value of feeling necessary and appreciated far outweighs the pay. Yes, I could make more now, but I am so happy with what I am doing. I had to make that painfully clear to my employment specialists before they realized that I was incandescently happy as a nanny.

Did you read any articles that enlightened you, made you laugh or just made your day better? Care to share?