Sunday, June 3

Spinning wheel love

Whoa! Hold the phone! I’ve posted twice in two days? Wow, I am amazingly productive right now or maybe I am just trying to keep myself busy until dinner. That is an option. You see, I could go downstairs and put my clothes away, or lay down and read, or blog. Examining the options, blogging seems like the best choice. I don’t have to move away from the computer and I don’t have to exhaust myself doing all the chores that I can think of to avoid putting my clothes away. Case in point, earlier this week I scrubbed the bathroom clean instead of putting the clothes away.

Today I got to show off my spinning wheel. It was delightful and I am so excited that my smile is a rictus of delight every time I am near it. Are other people so excited to spin? I don’t even know. Most of the other bloggers have been spinners for a while and “Oh my goodness, This is the first time” joy isn’t there. But it is possible that I am just a little too excitable.

So, I didn’t give you the stats on my wheel. It’s a Roadbug made by The Merlin Tree. Momar went ahead and got the double treadle.  It’s not painted, but eventually when I don’t have anymore money to buy fiber, I’ll put a design on it. I’m thinking a celtic tree of life... something a little more elegant.

Also, last night I partially filled two bobbins with white carded wool. Lady, the spinning wheel, and I were getting acquainted. If we get along famously I have some combed Corriedale, or painted BFL (Blue-Face Leicester) and then after that I have a date with some Merino/silk blend. I’m gradually moving it up. Or maybe not so gradually. I see beautifully painted wool and I couldn’t help myself...  Also, a really good reason why I am not allowed to work in a fiber store EVER. I would spend all my paycheck in the store.