Wednesday, June 6


So there’s been a lot of “Sheep” lately... not much “Geek”. I shall rectify that by exclaiming on a number of things that have made me dorkgasm in the last couple of months...

Doctor Who- always and forever. When it was released on netflix, my family and I stayed up too late to watch it again!

Hunger Games- Interesting movie. It was enjoyable, but the best part was all the hype. I wanted to watch it, but I figured that I’d wait to see it even though many of my friends were watching it on opening night. In costume. I actually was priding myself not not seeing it at midnight when momar called me and told me that SHE had purchased 3 tickets for the midnight showing and would I like to go? I ate my words and went.

The Avengers- GAHFESGEENAH!!! There are no words. If you haven’t seen it, do so, if you have you understand. We went on opening day to celebrate Alpha’s birthday which was that weekend. The entire family, Dad, Momar, Imp, Mei-Mei, Alpha and me. It was GLORIOUS!

Sherlock- Since Alpha and I are reformed pirates... actually since Alpha and I don’t live near any pirates anymore we had to wait for Sherlock Holmes to be released on Masterpiece Theatre. It was quite worth the wait.. but now they won’t even film until 2013... so depressing.

Sense and Sensibility- 2008 TV miniseries. Micheal from Downtown Abbey plays Edward Ferrers , Mr. Weasley from Harry Potter plays Sir John , “The New Doctor” from Doctor Who plays an absolutely delicious Colonel Brandon (though I will always love Alan Rickman) and Howard Stark from Captain America plays Willoughby. You know, putting it all up there like that makes me realize how much of a geek I am and how amazing this mini-series was.

Downtown Abbey- I was probably the 101 monkey. I was no where near starting the craze, but I am surprised at how many people discovered it after I did.

And there is your “Geek”. I shall be better about proper updates.