Saturday, June 2

Sorry for the lack of posting

Blogger was acting a little weird and I couldn't see any of my posts. Instead of trying to fix it I got lazy and just didn't post anything for several months. BUT! I will begin posting again soon, even if I have to move heaven and the place below to do so. Or if it means copying and pasting my post from whatever Word/ google doc that it comes from. I will be heard!

It's been a great several months though in life. Alpha was accepted into grad school. So we will e living with the family for another year or two before we move on. I realized what a bummer my life was going to school. I love school. Love learning and education, do not love the stress.  All in all life has been very kind.

You know what the last few months haven’t been good for? Not so great for knitting. Being a nanny means that I can't take my knitting with me because the little wee ones think it's a game to unravel all my hard work and I can't blame them. It is fun to frog, unless you've been working on a shawl and that was the 4th time you tried to knit it.

I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival at the beginning of May. I took Momar and Mei-Mei with me. Momar decided that she wanted a spinning wheel and I didn't gainsay her in the least. We now have a little Roadbug, who will tentatively be named 'Lady' since she fits into my ladybug tesco bag from England. Pictures will be forthcoming.

I've visited an Alpaca farm. I want one... an alpaca, mayb a farm. Now I have fleece to clean and wool to spin.

P.S. Alexandria- Fibre Space will take your money and take it well. Very well.

P.P.S. Will anyone be interested in the excess yarn that will be spilling forth from the bowels of my house?