Friday, October 21


I am making hats as part of a service project for church. In this area, it gets pretty cold (not Maine cold or anything... but there has been blizzards in the area)  and there are kids who don’t have winter hats and scarves. It’s a good service and I get to demonstrate and teach a talent that I have worked on for years.

It’s also a way to get rid of yarn stash.
This particular yarn was donated and it is obviously a Red Heart brand yarn. I can feel it in every stitch I make. It’s... squeeky. Still, the colors are fun... but mixed together it turns into something fun and ugly... fungly.

Alpha hastens to point out that “fungly”, if it were a word,  is a portmanteau. A combination of two words to make a new word. It’s sometimes fun to have an English major Alpha. He makes criticisms and books interesting to think about. (And that’s not even getting into the discussions and criticisms that we get into after plays and movies. I am so glad that I got married to him because who else would talk about subtle themes, inconsistencies and Hollywood propaganda with me?)

Fungly hats... awesome.