Sunday, October 23

Weekend Plans- recap

Well... we went to the renaissance festival.

It was fun, but I suspect that I have reached the stage where a sheep shearing would have been more awesome. Alpha had a good time though, that’s what counts. We checked out some of the shops, overall they weren’t as enthralling as when I was younger. I kept walking around going “I can do that. Or I could learn to do it really easily.”

Also, the cigarette smoke really killed me. Only the smell of cinnamon sugar nuts abated it at all. There was a reason why I hung around those stands and was tempted to buy more than I ought.

Here is a picture of Alpha wearing a glutton sign. He’s not a glutton, really... he’s been working on losing weight and has lost a fair amount since the summer. We also saw a Gandalf playing games, a Sir Bedevere from The Holy Grail and I took a couple pictures with my phone here and there. I am trying to get better at taking pictures.

Renaissance food is expensive. Luckily, it’s pretty much all that Alpha and I spent. We like food experiences. I’ve grown to like them more than object-experiences since we are living in a tiny space.  The only thing that we bought was a 1lb. glass of pepper honey.  (Still counts as food though.) The things that really sparked my interest were things with sheep on them, a candle, a mug. The two things I would have bought were a pin with “wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey” written on it and a knitting bowl. The knitting bowl is an awesome idea and I am tempted to make Alpha make one for me. (Of course, I could make one for myself out of polymer clays, but the glazes are so pretty.)

All in all, a pretty good time, but I certainly feel like I’ve outgrown the scene. Shearing Celebrations happen twice a year, so there’s always the spring.

Here are some other highlights: In order, Gandalf playing mind games, Sir Bedevere, 'Ye Olde Gamery', Alpha at the entrance, the towers are the entrance. It was fun.