Monday, October 17

URL explanation

Have you ever played those picture games? The ones where where it illustrates a common word or phrase, i.e. the word “thinking” printed outside of a box? “Thinking outside the box.” Here’s a new one for you.

So my url is kind of awesome. I tried to get but someone else already had it. It’s okay. I decided that geekoversheep was a better description anyway as sheep geek might imply a sheep who is also a geek, or a herd of geeks. Geeking out over sheep is the idea I am going for, though imagining Doctor Who pole-vaulting over a sheep sends me into fits of giggles.

(I think the third Doctor fits in with sheep. He’s got a wooly head himself. And then there’s that scarf, too.)

I do geek over sheep. I have a squeal of “SHEEP!” every time I see one, which is rather interesting for those in enclosed in small spaces with me. I don’t burst their eardrums, but I am cautioned that repetitions may cause loss of hearing further down the line. I speak with sheep; I caress them and hope someday I may chase after a herd of my own, like a dog.

So, is mine indeed.