Wednesday, October 19

Halloween- 13 days away!

I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday... though Thanksgiving and Christmas come in close. Candy and costumes kind of trumps food and gifts. (I love the meaning of the other holidays more, but for pure fun, you can’t beat Halloween.) I have a Halloween box of decorations that I have bought over time (and for sale after the event). My family was kind of surprised at my box, though Mei-Mei thought it was the coolest thing ever. Mei-Mei even conscripted me to make her an awesome-cool costume, to which I readily agreed. (We are set on Dragon right now... it will be cool.)
I love to dress up too. This year I tried to figure out what I wanted to do. I’ve been a cat, a Medieval Lady, a pirate... I took a make-up course and was even a man. Recently I was in the middle of rehearsals in college and couldn’t devote a great deal of time for a costume. Also, there weren’t any little trick-or-treaters to sweeten the deal of answering the door in costume. Although, it was great to costume up for no good reason. I reviewed the things that I like to do, and spinning hit the top of the list for cool factor. I could knit, but did I really want to be a Granny? Old-age make-up is cool... but why be a grandma for Halloween when I could be a Fate, or an Agent of Death or a NINJA! So I decided to be Arachne. Instead of weaving, (I am so sorry weavers, but I am not one of you just yet) I will spin. Spiders spin, Arachne can spin too. (Costumes plans and details will be posted soon.)