Thursday, October 20

What should my weekend plans be!

Renaissance Festival or Fall Shearing Celebration? Oh, oh, OH! I am so torn. What do I do? The decision is coming up and I still don’t know what to do this weekend.

Juniper Moon Farms Sheep Shearing Celebration- where I could network, bond with sheep and possibly stop in Charlottesville at my favorite yarn store “The Needle Lady” and eat gelato. (downside, spending money)


Renaissance Festival 2011, where people wear costumes I love, scouting the scene for a future booth, sharing the experience with Alpha who has never been to one. (It costs money, but it’s closer and the exorbitant rates of the shops will keep us from buying the beautiful things we love.)

It’s a hard decision. I wish I had more Saturdays in October. Or that the fun things didn't all happen on the same day.