Tuesday, October 18

Maryland Renaissance Festival 2011

I need to do some research. This is the same need as needing to eat ice cream after wisdom tooth extraction, maybe not necessary, but oh, so necessary.

I have looked on the website and found a lot of woodworking, leather working and art. I did not find a single spinning booth. No spinning! I know I am a little out-there, deranged and weird, but wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have a Handspun store in the Renaissance festival? Regardless of my opinion, it would be totally awesome. I need to find out what they offer and if there is a market for that kind of thing. You know, just in case I don’t get an adult-person job and must pan-handle a living.  You could also sell spindles and wool for kids to learn. And offer lessons. It would be interesting and potentially useful, unlike some of the other things that are marketed to kids. (Please don't hurt me...)

If any spinners take this idea over, I respectfully demand a job.